Craig Denis Nicholson

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. After High School, I spent 12 years in the South African Air Force as a pilot and flying instructor. I also got interested in research and writing in several areas, including personal and spiritual growth. In the 1980s I self-published “Helping Perspectives,” a booklet of 37 inspirational poems, and “Freedom for South Africans,” a booklet on the current political situation in South Africa under apartheid. In it I proposed some non-racial solutions which would foster fairness, security and freedom for all South Africans. I also got involved in volunteer work and public speaking, mainly with The Summit Lighthouse, my spiritual organization of choice.

In 1987 I resigned from the Air Force with the rank of Major and as a Flight Commander on 17 Squadron to pursue a civilian flying career. A year later I immigrated to Canada. I have worked in various areas, mainly flying helicopters and as a civil aviation inspector. I flew in the oil fields, in the Arctic, for a scheduled helicopter airline service, but mainly as an Air Ambulance/EMS pilot. I continued my research and writing, including on living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In the year 2000 I created this Balance for Wholesome Living website.

By God’s grace, I am happily married to a wonderful wife, with a great family, including two children and two grandchildren. I have a great interest in family, photography, nature, birds, geometry and personal growth. I also love finding and helping to bring out the best in people, and finding the lighter side of life, balanced, I hope, with being serious when needed with the serious challenges in the world.  : )


If you are interested in inviting me as a guest speaker on any of the subjects covered on these websites, please contact me.


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