I Love You, Mom

I love you, mother, every part
For all you are to me
You may have faults within you
But those I do not see.

You’ve cared for me with kindness
I know your loving hands
You’ve disciplined my naughtiness
You’ve helped me understand.

You led by good example
Encouraged me to try
You’ve praised creative effort
And kept my standards high.

You comforted my sorrows
Supported me in need
Yet let me learn by exercise
Of free will, word and deed.

You played your part as mother
Yet stepped aside when time
For dad to play his father’s role.
I’m glad you were both mine.

You never forced your will on me
Just guided me aright
And once I made my mind up
You let me live my plight.

You were not always happy
With what I chose to do
Yet honoured my decision
And offered refuge true.

For this and all not mentioned
I truly cannot say
How much I love and thank you
I’ll tell you all some day.

– – ** – –

by Craig Nicholson

(For Mother’s Day, 1991.)

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