Inspirational Poems for Everyday Living

by Craig Denis Nicholson

These inspirational poems are offered for your enjoyment. They are all written and copyrighted by Craig Denis Nicholson. You may share them for non-commercial use. Please credit the author when doing so. (All photos are also copyright Craig Denis Nicholson. See the Inspiring Photos link in the margin.)

Whatever qualities in these poems you feel inspired by are already within you. May they help you unfold your immense potential so you may become all of who you really are!

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Poems on this page:

Inspirational Poems – Page 2:

  • Teen Suicide – Don’t throw it all away! We need you.
  • To Love But Not Possess – Loving someone you cannot have.
  • Withdrawal Symptoms – To help break self-limiting habits.
  • Life is Opportunity – A wholesome attitude poem.

Here is the new link for the poem “The Choice”: Balancing the Abortion Debate – a website that contributes to the abortion debate, then helps move the focus towards supporting pregnant women instead of on intellectual arguments.

Page 3:

  • Because, Dear One, I Love You – If you’re feeling contemplative. It’s one possible answer to: “How can God let these things happen?”

On it’s own page:

  • Loving Clouds. – For those who love clouds.
  • I Love You, Mom. – Mother’s Day poem.

The poems on this website are a selection from my entire collection of 76 poems called Helping Perspectives. See List of Contents for details.

Give Me the Wind.

I am at my best with the wind in my face,
When overcoming the challenge, with pace.
The pace that requires more effort, more strength.
But once gained momentum, endures with great length.

It’s easy to sit back, placid and calm
Comfort is only a relative balm.
It seems an advantage, better than strife
But is dulled by stagnation, stifling life.

Progress needs movement, energy, drive,
No chance for improvement if you do not strive.
Nothing’s for nothing: cause and effect.
That which you work for, you’ve more chance to get.

So give me the wind, let it blow in my face,
The more I confront, the more strength I’ll embrace.
Steps are not mounted, nor challenge o’ercome.
Without certain courage or effort be done.


Why not?
Give yourself a moment’s rest.
Smiling helps us be our best.
Not allowing outside things,
To get us down, or clip our wings.
For we are children of the One,
So don’t deprive yourself true fun
For in it’s spirit we can be
Victors for eternity.

The Ways I Like You.

I like the way I feel when I
Am in your company.
I like your joyful quiet smile
That lets me talk more easily.

I like your understanding look
The kindness in your eyes
Your sense of happiness and care,
That calms my butterflies.

I trust you recognise the Good,
Of which you’re really made.
And give thanks for the blessings,
Which flow through you each day.

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