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  • Holistic Education
  • The balance between keeping our attention on our goals and analysing our weaknesses.
  • The balance between intellectual knowledge and soul knowing.

Balancing Our Intellect


The human intellect is often thought of as man’s main advantage or asset over the rest of the life forms on earth. But sometimes it can be our biggest hindrance. Of the 4 elements, our mental body relates to the air element (even though being called an “air-head” is not a complement). The thoughts that pass through our minds are not necessarily an integral part of our true identity. Just as your thoughts go out into the world like ripples on the water, so others may unknowingly pick up on them. (I hope they were good ones!) Some people can consciously read the thoughts of others.

Some of your horrible thoughts that you wonder how you could ever think them, might not even be your own, but someone else’s you picked up on. Our thoughts are part of our mental “body”, a kind of forcefield or garment that we wear as part of our aura. It is one of our 4 “bodies” which are instruments for the expression of our Real Self. (See the Balancing Our 4 “Bodies” page for more.)

There are prayers and mantras you can give to help seal your aura from the discordant and unwholesome thoughts of others. One is called the Tube of Light decree.

Wisdom comes when we train our mind to detach itself from our unwanted thoughts, just observe them, and then work on changing them to embody more of our Real Self, whose potential is totally amazing! But there are also other kinds of intelligences that we have, including that of the heart and soul. For more on this, see “The balance between intellectual knowledge and soul knowing” on the Intellectual Balance 2 page.


What is our true potential?


Is our intellectual potential limited by our brains? The best answer to that is: Our only real limits are those which we impose, or unwittingly allow to be imposed, upon ourselves. Our entire culture and educational system conditions us with certain expectations regarding our abilities and potential. If these are way below our true potential, then we have basically been brainwashed into under-achievement. This may sound rather cynical to you, but we need to look at all sides of the subject with open minds if we are to achieve a wholesome balance. Besides, isn’t it fun to explore greater inner potential? True genius is often found more in children, as they are still open to all possibilities. So the next section will be a lot more enjoyable if you approach it in that frame of mind. : )

You’ve probably heard that the average person only uses about 10% of their brain power. Actually, modern research tells us the figure is closer to 4%. Did mother nature give us an extravagant excess knowing that we’d probably kill many of those cells through riotous living? Not at all! And this is the “good news” if ever there was. But to make this more understandable, let’s first look at some facts. The number of neurons in our brains, around 13 billion on average, were already developed when we were tiny embryos about 20 weeks after conception, and they do not renew themselves later like other body organs. Amazing, huh?


Use it or lose it!


About ten weeks before birth, each neuron starts to send out some fibres to make ACTUAL and POTENTIAL connections. Our mental ability depends more on the quality and number of connections than on the number of neurons themselves. And the most important point is that only some of the connections are ACTUAL (i.e. made automatically). The more you use your brain, the more the POTENTIAL connections become ACTUAL ones! The brain expands through use, so “use it or lose it!”. It’s potential is mind-boggling. Dr. Frederick Tilney, a leading brain specialist has said: “We will by conscious command evolve cerebral centers which will permit us to use powers that we now are not even capable of imagining.” The decrease in mental ability in the elderly is mainly due to a decrease in the amount of oxygen to the brain through an ailing circulatory system. This can be compounded by excess stress and unresolved issues deeply embedded and entrenched in the unconscious. Sometimes considered as dissociative disorders, which become mal-adaptive & eventually permanent.


Geniuses are the ones who are normal.


This all tells us that we are operating at a fraction of our full mental potential. So the small percentage of true geniuses this world has seen are not freaks of nature but just using more of their potential. They are the ones who are normal. As Colin Rose wrote in his book ACCELERATED LEARNING: “Thus it is probably correct to say that almost every normal child is born a potential genius.” He relates many examples under the section Genius is More Made Than Born about children that become “geniuses” by intensive educational programs from a young age. He also makes a very important point: “… no child should be forced like an intellectual hot-house plant. Clearly, it is vital that the child should become a socially well-integrated adult, enjoy her childhood, and never be pressured. The point to make here, however, is that there is no question that a loving, relaxed, and rich environment during the vital formative years definitely does create a higher degree of mental capability. And that is of undeniable benefit.” (More on this under Holistic Education on the Intellectual Balance 2 page.)

It is not only a matter of how MUCH we use it but HOW we use it. Our brain is designed with two halves. The left brain is more for linear, academic, analytical thinking and the right brain more for lateral thinking e.g. imagination, creativity and intuition. When these are well balanced and exercised like a muscle that is built up in a gym, “amazing” feats can be accomplished, like reading at 25,000 words per minute for instance! Also, here is an amazing short clip of Scott Flansburg, The Human Calculator® on NBC’s “Today Show.”


The “Good News”


So, concerning the “good news” mentioned above, it wasn’t just wishful thinking when Paul the Apostle said: “Let that mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus.” Some spiritual teachers teach that the human brain is a “chalice” for the mind of God within us, and that we can attain the Cosmic or Christ Consciousness whereby we can access wisdom and intelligence way beyond that which is normally accessible to us. This is in a totally different league, even to psychics who can read people’s auras and thoughts. There is much written about the Christ Consciousness. It is also referred to as the higher mind or higher mental body, or part of our Holy Christ Self. This subject is well covered in the book Climb the Highest Mountain by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet.


Learning styles and “Accelerated Learning”


“Although intelligence is useful, it needs to be returned to the spirit. This is called the great harmony.” – Huai-Nan-Tzu

Accelerated learning makes optimum use of the co-operation between the left and right sides of our brain. The accelerated learning movement includes various techniques, like Neuro-Linguistic Programming and “right-brain education”, and includes skills like speed reading and photo reading. It also takes into account that different people learn differently. The three main learning styles are visual, auditory and kinesthetic (movement and action). Some people have identified eight different learning modes. (See more on this in the Holistic Education section below). Yet our educational systems and IQ evaluation tests concentrate mainly on just two of them, and on the left or analytical half of the brain. How many children have we rejected or discouraged throughout the decades just because we did not identify the unique intelligence and potential that they had? It’s just as well that they didn’t throw Einstein out of school when he failed mathematics. He had the true gift of using both sides of his brain, being an accomplished violinist, artist and mystic. Home schooling obviously has a big advantage in this area of holistic education, as long as the parent is aware of these factors.

Being “in alpha”.

Our brain operates on different frequencies, measured in cycles per second (CPS), depending on our activity. These are grouped into four ranges:

  • Delta (0.5 – 3 CPS): Mainly deep dreamless sleep.
  • Theta (4 – 7 CPS): Deep meditation or reverie.
  • Alpha (8 – 12 CPS): Relaxation, imagination, intuition and creative meditation.
  • Beta (13 – 25 CPS): Rational, logical and analytical thought.

Colin Rose wrote the following in his book Accelerated Learning about being “in alpha”: It is a state of relaxed alertness that facilitates inspiration, fast assimilation of facts, and heightened memory. Alpha lets you reach your subconscious, and since your self-image is primarily in your subconscious, it is the only effective way to reach it.” There are various ways to help be “in alpha”, but a meditation mode with baroque music (around 60 beats per minute) is a good start. However, it can be as easy as just joyfully relaxing, playing or “being in the moment”. This is what is encouraged in “right-brain education”, which is an aspect of accelerated learning, as the right half of our brain is more for lateral thinking e.g. imagination, creativity and intuition.


Visualizing Victory.


To achieve your goals, meditation and mind work can help tremendously. As mentioned on the page Balancing Your 4 “Bodies”, our energy cycles from the mental to the emotional. Much of it is at a subconscious level. But we can get our subconscious working for us by concentrating our thoughts on the desired results i.e. visualizing success. The most effective way to utilize the amazing potential of our brain is to “be in Alpha”. (See above for more on this). There are various ways, but a meditation mode with baroque music (around 60 beats per minute) is a good start. Do not put any of your attention on the negative. Spend 5 to 10 minutes twice a day of vivid imagination on how you’re going to be once you’ve achieved this victory or success. Say for instance it is to lose weight. Engage all of your senses in as much detail as possible. Imagine what it feels like fitting into those clothes that are the size you are aiming for; what it sounds like to hear that special person in your life complementing you on your weight; how you look in your bathroom mirror when at your ideal weight; the smell of the sea breeze while you’re lying on the beach in the sun in your bathing suite that looks great on you with your slim figure etc. And lastly, imagine how good you feel about yourself for enduring and turning your attention away from all those tasty temptations that came your way during the process.

In the periods between your meditation, your subconscious will work for you in bring about your goal. This technique is the basis of a lot of methods and books on the subject of success and achieving your goals or ‘holding the immaculate concept’ for yourself and others. If you would rather approach this subject from a scientific angle, see the book ‘Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat’ by Greg Kuhn.


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