The Choice – An Abortion Debate Poem


The Choice


We surely have the right to choose
A precious gift from God above
And He will honour our free will
So great is His unending love.

And yes, we’ll be accountable
For every choice we make
As we sow, so shall we reap:
God’s plan to learn from each mistake.

If it’s harm we bring to life
Or hinder souls in any form
We will repay each rueful deed
On young or old, or life unborn.

Once a life has been conceived
A plan of God has just begun
Around each sacred bonded gene
The warp and woof of soul are spun.

Life’s a wondrous mystery
As precious as a beating heart
Do we show our gratitude
By tearing one apart?

True freedom’s not in selfishness
It’s in the joy of giving.
The choice, no doubt, is yours, dear soul.
I pray it’s made before conceiving.

Note: “warp and woof” are the cross-threads in weaving.

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