Inspirational Poems 3


Inspirational Poems 3





Why not?
Give yourself a moment’s rest.
Smiling helps us be our best.
Not allowing outside things,
To get us down, or clip our wings.
For we are children of the One,
So don’t deprive yourself true fun
For in it’s spirit we can be
Victors for eternity.





Birthdays aren’t for counting up
The years that have gone by,
No desperate sigh is needed
To say how time doth fly.

It’s only man who counts his years
And puts a number to:
All he can, and then compares
Things as unique as you!





Let birthdays not be numbers,
In order to compare.
We’re all unique and gifted,
With much to give and share.

Let each year find us wiser,
And ever more prepared.
Count our blessings, not our years
To lovingly be shared.




Because, Dear One, I Love You

Why, dear God, do people suffer?
Why’s there war and crime and sorrow?
My father says you have the power,
To stop it all tomorrow.

“Because, dear one, I love you.”

But what of all the suffering?
It cannot please your eyes.
Surely you would have us all
With you in paradise.

“I do, dear one, but not by force,
But by your free-will love.”

There’re things that I so dearly need,
I wish I had them all.
If you would help me get them, God,
I’d be more at your call.

“I do not bargain, dearest one,
So choose which you desire more:
The passing pleasures of this world,
Or Me, who thy soul does adore.”

I guess if life were easy
And all was trouble-free,
We’d get too lazy, have no push
To reach to be like Thee.

But why allow our loved ones, God,
To suffer tragedy,
When we depend on them so much
And love them tenderly?

“Because, dear one, I love you,
And you’ll have ALL one day,
When you’ve given all your love
To Me in every way.
When you can keep your harmony
And trust I’ll fill your needs,
When you have stopped your selfishness,
Your soul-degrading deeds.”

Some others are much worse than me,
Like criminals and evil ones
It seems like things are so unfair,
Why let it carry on?

“Because dear one, I love you,
And justice will prevail,
And in between it tests your faith
And trust, that must not fail.”

But why give so much freedom, God,
To those who spread such evil,
Through wars and greed and hatred,
And actions of the devil?

“Because, dear one , I love you,
And all must have their chance
To choose, and learn from ill effects
Of what they did enhance.”

I wish I could remember this
Amid each daily task,
Why not make us listen, God,
That we’d do as you ask?

“Because, dear one, I love you,
And gave My gift: free will.
I would not take it back now,
Your plan you must fulfill.
Besides, you would resent it,
If I would take away,
The challenge that you know you’ll pass,
If you will walk My way.”

This does not seem so easy, God,
It looks like we must take,
Responsibility for all
The choices that we make.

I guess if we desire Thee,
The price we’ll have to pay,
Is give up what we do not need,
And work and serve and pray.

“You’re getting the idea now!
Have fun in what you do.
I made this life so full of joy,
Because, dear one, I love you!”