Sexual Balance

Sexual energy problems, with yourself or others, are a challenge for everyone at times. This website is not for advice on sexuality, but sharing research and experience that might help you achieve a wholesome balance in dealing with sex and relationships.

Some health supplement commercials start with a question like: “Low sex drive?” Does that mean that if you have a low sex drive you are somehow abnormal or there’s something wrong with you? No, not at all. (Even though some people would answer that question with: “Yes, and we would like to help you out!! Contact us at …)  : )


Many cultures today are saturated with the belief that an active sex life is essential for our well-being. And yet there is also the pervasive subconscious stigma of sex being somehow wrong or sinful. This is no simple subject, but the most important aspects will be covered in enough depth here to give you a head start on achieving a healthy balance.


In essence:
Sexual intercourse between a married couple who love each other is sacred and wonderful.
If you do not have a high sex drive, you are not abnormal. It may be a blessing in disguise, depending on your circumstance.

These two statements beg several “Yes, but what if ….” questions, so they will be discussed individually. But first, this whole subject will become a lot clearer if you know where you stand on certain key issues. So these subjects begin with these key issues. Click on the hotlink below (because this is a hot subject) to go to the section you’re most interested in. They will take you to separate pages, which will also include these links.


On the next three pages:


  • Who and what are we?
  • What is your goal in life?
  • What do you most want to get out of sex?
  • What is the nature of sexual desire?
    • If we don’t want to indulge it now.
    • If we want it.
    • The Kundalini.
    • Negative and positive desires.
    • Diverting your vitality.


  • What if we’re not married?
    • Taking responsibility for your situation.
    • Celibacy: The higher way at a lower price.
    • What about masturbation?
  • What is “normal” and what is the ideal?
  • What if I’m LGBTQ+?


Happy sexuality!